Welcome to New Antioch Institute

Welcome to New Antioch Institute

Our mission at New Antioch Institute is to raise up young people to become biblically saturated, Christ centred, critically thinking, cultural change agents. Post-secondary education institutions are increasingly finding themselves in a position of compromise, especially when it comes to educating and training those under their stewardship to think critically, engage thoughtfully, and become men and women of action. Over the last century, many of our institutions have been drifting away from a ‘Classical’ approach, methodology, and philosophy of education to one which has become overly specialized, diversified, and niche. As a result, an education in the Liberal Arts has consistently been losing ground in influence and impact in an increasingly specialized world. Yet more and more graduates are finding themselves steeped in debt and in a situation where their degree has not delivered what was expected.

We believe this is the time to begin a reformation within education.

At New Antioch, we are committed to a robust and intentional liberal arts education that is uniquely and distinctly Christian. We are committed to experiential learning cohorts. We are committed to a Reformed, theological, and practical education. We are committed to building a strong student community through an academically rigorous environment, building strong character, and providing exemplary mentorship by faculty and leadership.

Some benefits of attending New Antioch would include;

A pursuit of answers to the big questions in faith, life, and vocation.

Experience a holistic, practical education that trains and equips men and women to thoughtfully, faithfully, and courageously engage with the narratives of the culture within which they live.

Build character and leadership skills that are biblically based and highlight the Lordship of Christ.

Small steps to mastery – parua gradus ad dominum

New Antioch labours to graduate men and women who are committed to living out their faith in every sphere of life, whether that is in the home, the marketplace, or in institutions of further learning. Essentially, serving Christ the Lord with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Work is not simply a job or occupation; it is a calling, a vocation. It is a summons from God. Vocation is also where the Spirit sanctifies the Christian’s life, not in a self-centred quest for perfection, but rather in humble service to one’s neighbour.

– tscarson

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