Student Application Package

Student Application Package

Fundamentum (Foundation) – year one

Old Testament Survey

Leithart, Peter J. A House for My Name: A Survey of the Old Testament. (Canon Press, 2000)

Understanding the Old Testament is crucial to have a deeper understanding of the New Testament. This course is designed to introduce major themes within the OT and show how those themes are connected to the theology and teaching within the NT.

Church History I–IV

Needham, Nick. 2000 years of Christ’s Power: vols 1–4. (Christian Focus Publications)

These four courses are designed to guide the student through a survey of church history from the apostles to the 20th century. These courses will facilitate learning through the development of the church, her interaction with theological challenges to orthodoxy, Monasticism, Scholasticism, Islam, and the papacy, and assist the student in answering the question, ‘How did the church get to be in the state that it’s in today’?

New Testament Survey

Leithart, Peter J. The Four: A Survey of the Gospels. (Canon Press, 2010)

Building upon the OT survey course, this course opens with a survey of the four gospels followed by a robust examination of the New testament’s letters. Striving to develop a deeper appreciation and practical application of the New Testament upon all of one’s life.


Frame, John. Apologetics. (P&R Publishing, 2015)

Having a firm foundation from which to engage with the world includes having an apologetic (reasonable defense) for what the Christian believes and why the Christian has such hope. Frame’s apologetic is based upon a presuppositional framework. Using this framework, the learner will appreciate that apologetics can be used as both a defense and an offense for a rational belief in the Triune God and the gospel.

Leadership Studies

Assorted authors on leadership, both (Malphurs, Greenleaf, Covey, Longhouse).

What is at the heart of Christian Leadership? What makes a Christ follower a leader? What about those Christians who self-profess they don’t have the ‘gift of leadership’? Essentially, how should we as followers of Christ think about and practice leadership in our lives, homes, vocations, and churches? Biblical leadership strives to lead the heart, mind, attitude, and action of the believer – regardless of vocation.

Literature Studies

Assorted authors (Leithart, Virgil, Homer, Orwell, Dostoyevsky, Lewis).

Guided by Peter Leithart’s Heroes of the City of Man, this course first examines ancient Greek literary works by epic poets Hesiod, Homer and Virgil, and by dramatists Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes. The course then turns to modern authors Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and C. S. Lewis.

Systematic Theology

Grudem, W. Systematic Theology, 2nd ed. (Zondervan Academic, 2020)

Developing a robust system of theology is crucial for living a life that honours God, glorifies Christ, and pleases the Holy Spirit. Systematic theology seeks to gather what Scripture teaches regarding particular topics and arranges those sections in a descriptive and constructive framework. As a constructive framework, systematic theology organizes content under appropriate topics. As a descriptive framework, systematic theology considers how the church, through the ages, has thought about these topics.

Student Application Package

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